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fundamental rule when persons die simultaneously 5 1 if 2 or more persons die at the same time or in circumstances that make it uncertain which of them survived the other or others unless a contrary intention appears in an instrument rights to property must be determined as if each had survived the other or others 2 if a two or more persons hold property as joint tenants or hold, can you survive in the antarctic globalclassroom org - project explore instructional module 8 focus question can you survive in the antarctic kim kovich coon rapids jr high coon rapids minnesota background information antarctic weather weather conditions in antarctica are the harshest in the world, studies in battle command - studies in battle command by the faculty combat studies institute u s army command and general staff college fort leavenworth kansas csi publications cover a variety of military history topics, star trek discovery meets captain pike anson mount - discovery makes a concentrated effort to separate pike from lorca and understandably so the latter spent the first season as a relentless and ambitious leader only to reveal later on that he had, case western reserve university hololens - 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